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Home Field ScorebooK for Baseball/Softball

Home Field ScorebooK Dev September 22, 2015 Announcements

Apple has added security features in iOS 9 that block the street address lookup feature of Home Field Advantage™ (don't worry -- the GPS coordinates are still saved!)

Until a new release is approved for the App Store, please enter the address (or ballpark name) manually.

Home Field ScorebooK Dev May 9, 2015 Announcements

Apple has approved version 2015.1.0 in the App Store with a number of new features, including great-looking scorecards that can be printed to any AirPrint-enabled device (or emailed as PDF to be printed on any printer or shared.) A few good bug fixes as well.

See the new "What's New" section under the Settings tab to learn more.

If you like it, leave us a positive review on the App Store so others can find out -- if you don't, submit a request here so we can try to fix it!

Home Field ScorebooK Dev March 12, 2013 Community Help

Use "Submit a request" to report bugs, feature suggestions or any other questions.

Home Field ScorebooK Dev April 6, 2015 Announcements

Subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/c/HomeFieldScorebookOfficial) to find helpful tutorials to get started using the app and scoring various scenarios.

Home Field ScorebooK Dev June 5, 2013 Community Help

Batters and fielders are set by the game rules (or league default rules if the home team belongs to a league.)

Select "Rules" when adding a game or from Game Info in an active game and "Edit" to change the numbers.